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Esthetician Services

Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa is ecstatic to refer all clients desiring esthetician services to our dear friend, Elizabeth. 

Please scroll to see all the services she offers below and make an appointment today!

Contact Elizabeth  |  Tel : 707-761-6956


For full details, check out our digital menu:


Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa does not offer any of the stated esthetician services as an institution, does not receive payment, full or in part, for any of the listed esthetician services, and therefore, cannot be held liable for any incident of any nature occurring between the independently contracting esthetician and their clients. All questions and concerns regarding these services at any time should be directed to Elizabeth at 707-761-6956. 


All facials are customized to EXACT needs based on client concern. Prices may vary depending on what’s needed. There will be use of high end enzymes or chemicals. There could also be use of light therapy and ultrasound depending on facial and need. Any issue can be addressed and corrected. Before and after pictures are taken. All facials include high end Lira professional products.

Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa is the largest carrier of IMAGE Skincare in Solano County and with expert guidance from our esthetician, you can confidently walk out our doors with your custom-assembled skincare regimen for the ultimate in healthy skincare.

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