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The Delight of Kulukubuk Waterfall in Siberut Mentawai

During this moment, individuals might assume that Mentawai tourist just provides the charm of the beaches and marine life. Nonetheless, in the Mentawai wild, apparently there are some objects hiding their charm for long time. The dense forest as well as its fauna are fantastic. Additionally, there are several falls that are not much less spectacular, such as Kulukubuk Falls and also Bat Saumang Falls.

Kulukubuk is a lovely falls situated in the village of Madobag which is located in the woodland regarding three kilometers from the Modabag settlement. Kulukubuk has its own appeal in the rural area of Siberut Island. This waterfall lies in the Kulukubuk Backwoods, Madobag Village, South Siberut Area, Mentawai Islands Rule, West Sumatra Province. This falls is one of the vacationer destinations both for foreigners as well as residents.

Kulukubuk Waterfall in Siberut Mentawai contains two levels with a height getting to 70 meters and also is really suitable as a rejuvenating natural bathroom. Fresh air with cold water as well as superficial waters sustains the beauty of water that moves swiftly. To access the location, visitors should take a path full of mud as well as pass two tiny rivers that flow from the falls. Kulukubuk Waterfall Excursion is an attractive program if you have prepare for vacation in Mentawai Island, West Sumatra.

There are 2 paths that can be made use of to reach the area of the waterfall, which are by land and the waters. Utilizing the land path, travelers can begin foot as for 20 kilometres from the district center. Travelers can also ride a motorcycle or a cars and truck which is leased from the area center, yet prior to reaching the specific falls location vacationers still must proceed the journey on foot due to the fact that the roadway to be passed is still not adequate yet.

Meanwhile, for the waterway, vacationers can rent out "pompong" (comparable to speedboat-type) as well as can likewise ride with Madobag residents that wish to go back to their villages. Pompong leasings can be discovered in Bipak area, where Madobag citizens taking a remainder when they come to the below area center (Muara Siberut).

This lovely waterfall is constantly filled with site visitors since besides being handled as a traveler area, this Makanan Tradisional Palembang location also becomes a barrier area in between Madobag Community and Rogdong Hamlet to make sure that any person who passes around the waterfall always requires time to drop in even for just taking images, cleaning face or cleaning feet. Previously this place was never managed as a vacationer area since it is said that this place is a bit haunted as well as likewise the water is extremely chilly to make sure that no one intends to drop in or wash there, now the situation is different and also well preserved for tourist function.

For vacationers that originate from far distance, a halfway house can be rented per space for over night. Usually vacationers who visit the place of the waterfall stay in this halfway house 2-3 days to appreciate the appeal of Siberut's country. In this halfway house no food is provided unless the tourists have actually made the reservation well beforehand, however the vacationers can buy food at the local food stalls before reaching to Kulukubuk Waterfall in Siberut.



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