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Warning: There Could Be Imposters in our Midst

I can’t remember a time when Amazon Prime wasn’t my main source of finding what I need.

Clicking Add to Cart, Check Out, Place Order, and seeing it in my mailbox two days later. It’s almost a drug. I can’t believe I once waited 3-5 business days for anything and, God-forbid, paid for shipping costs.

The children of this generation will never know.

Amazon and its Prime program have truly changed the way we not only shop online, but also what we think of products that we see on the physical shelf.

Oftentimes, we will see something we want at a store or in a salon and make a mental note to look it up online in hopes of finding it at a more affordable price. However, “more affordable” could be synonymous with “cheaper” and unfortunately, when a product is “cheaper,” though the label may be the same, the ingredients can be just that: cheaper.

One thing we don’t compromise here at Bottoms Up is quality. You come in trusting us with your skin. We don’t take that lightly.

That’s why it pains us to see someone waltz in with their Bottoms Up duffle bag and pull out a lotion that looks like the one we have on our shelf, but beneath the identical label, lurks an imposter of a product from Amazon, eBay, or another retail provider.

These imposter products will not do for your skin or your tan what it claims and there have been dozens of reviews and customer experiences that prove that buying these high-end lotions online at a lower price will not give you what you think.

Buying a product online is kind of like a Tinder date. It looks good on the screen so you think, “What’s the harm? I’m saving so much time and energy without the traditional approach. This is how people do it nowadays.”

However, when you take the picture on the screen at only “face value,” the online gamble becomes not worth the hassle or the money.

You’re taking time out of your busy life to improve the look and feel of your skin with time in a UV bed or with a spray tan. Don’t cut corners with beauty-enhancing products from risky sources.


While Bottoms Up Tanning Salon uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is current and complete on the date of publication, no representatives or warranties are made (expressed or implied) as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of such information. Bottoms Up Tanning Salon, therefore, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising or indirectly from the use of, or any action taken in reliance on, any information appearing in this publication.

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