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Build Your Own Membership!

We’ve said goodbye to narrow packages and put the membership design in YOUR HANDS.

Sun Kissed Club monthly memberships have gotten a face lift and are better than ever.

Here’s what’s new:

#1: All memberships are build your own. Pick only the services you want and pay one great “bundle price.”

#2: Here’s what services you can design your membership with:

#3: Payments are an easy, once-a-month charge that give you UNLIMITED access to the services you’ve chosen plus if something comes up, you can cancel anytime

#4: You can still enjoy all the perks that come with a membership...

Our mission is to “provide a refreshing pause on daily life” and have found that making self-care a ritual, not just an occasional event, is best achieved with investing in a membership.



Take part in our Gym Rat Special where you enjoy four fitness boosting and restorative services to couple with your workouts. Perfect for the fitness guru or anyone who has just dove back into the gym.

Come in or call to sign up before they're gone!


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