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Shannon's Wicked Scrubs: Update!

Next time you stop into Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa, you can expect amazing, new, therapeutic and indulgent scents of Shannon’s Wicked Scrubs on the shelf!

Check out what’s new and what’s next:


Shannon’s Wicked Scrubs is a natural skin scrub line that exfoliates, conditions, and nourishes all-in-one with, not to mention, a beautiful scent as you step out of the shower!

Originally serving simply as a homemade gift for friends and a personal remedy for psoriasis, Shannon’s Wicked Scrubs have evolved to not only help people maintain healthy skin, but aid in a variety of skin conditions: oily or dry skin, eczema, acne, and more.


Shannon’s Wicked Scrubs are flying off of Bottoms Up shelves almost as quickly as she whips them up.

With flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Vanilla Brown Sugar, and the classic Lavender, Shannon is continuing to delve into more creative combinations of natural scents, moisturizers, and exfoliators based on client feedback and requests.

Is there a kind of scent you want to see on the shelf? Tell Shannon! Give her a ring at 707.449.8267 and share your ideas.


Shannon shared how the fan favorite as of late is definitely Cotton Candy. As a delicious blend of sugar to exfoliate, coconut oil to moisturize, Vitamin E to nourish, and cotton candy oil to delight, when you take a whiff, it feels like you’re at the fair next to a Ferris wheel and carnival games. It smells exactly like cotton candy!



Shannon shared, “I’m trying to develop a more man-friendly line.”

Pulling her Eucalyptus and Peppermint Salt Scrub off the shelf, she explained, “This is the one my husband right now is completely stuck on. I have to have this one at all times. This is what he uses every day in the shower. What’s nice about this is after he puts it on and I go up to him and smell his neck or his hands, it actually smells like he’s wearing a cologne. It’s a very soft smell.”


She went on, “It’s done wonders for his skin because he was the type of guy that would use Irish Spring. When you use Irish Spring, to me, it feels like as soon as you rinsed it off your body it feels like all the moisture in your body has been sucked out of your skin. And you get out and you have the feeling like you’re wearing clothes that are five-times too small for you when really your skin is just so tight from the dryness. So I got him off of that and strictly onto [the eucalyptus and spearmint scrub]. He’s always liked using them, but he wanted more of a manly smell. My kids use it and he’s eight. He gets those little bumps on the back of his arms, but that stuff softens him right up.”


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