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What's the Bae Bundle?

Whether you see February 14th as the day of romance or Single Awareness Day, we’ve got something sweet in store. Give as a gift or snag it for yourself!


We’ve seen clients fall in love with the red light sauna as if offers a space for intentional relaxation, helps release toxins in the body, and promotes all the benefits of red light therapy: increased weight loss, cell renewal, and collagen production, among several others.


A big winner across our gym-goers, the FIT Bodywrap is an amazing way to lose some water weight, detox, and rejuvenate. Catch up on your favorite show while you unwind in a cozy bodywrap and come out feeling more renewed than when you slipped in.


Are you an avid tanner or never given spray tans a shot? Our associates are poised in providing the best guidance and direction in bringing your skin the warmth and color YOU want. With our PURA Sunless Spa, the days of coming out an Oompa Loompa are gone. We aren’t about that life.

4. 30% off (1) IMAGE Skincare Product

Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa provides the largest collection of IMAGE Skincare lines in the surrounding area. Whether it be to sooth dry skin, treat acne, restore youthful appearance, or to maintenance healthy skin, the products to make your ultimate regimen are available in-store and you can start your collection with 30% off with the Bae Bundle!

5. FOR AN ADDITIONAL $30: One Mini Facial

Do the Valentine’s pampering right and upgrade with a Mini Facial for the special price of $30 (normally $80-$100) and add it to your Bae Bundle! Yes, please.

Normally: $165

Limited Time Valentine’s Bae Bundle: $99

Hurry in or call to grab yours before its too late!


While Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is current and complete on the date of publication, no representatives or warranties are made (expressed or implied) as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of such information. While Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa, therefore, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising or indirectly from the use of, or any action taken in reliance on, any information appearing in this publication.

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