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Know your sunscreen

Sunscreen is a common item that many people use, but do not use it correctly. When is the time you think to apply your sunscreen? Well it's probably once you feel your skin burning on your tropical vacay! Sunscreen should be incorporated into your daily skincare routine. According to regular use of sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF can reduce your chances of developing melanoma by 50-73%.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the millions of sunscreen brands and types out their either. Take the time to find one that works best with your skin! The three simple criteria dermatologists say to look for in a sunscreen are SPF of 30 or higher, water resistant, and that it is a broad spectrum sunscreen (meaning UVA and UVB protection). Follow these simple guidelines when sunscreen shopping and your skin will be happy, healthy, and protected!!

Here are some common misbeliefs surrounding sunscreen use that could have an impact on your life!

1. People with darker skin don’t need to use sunscreen because they already have enough melanin to protect their skin.

While melanin does help to diffuse UVB rays and can help avoid sunburns it does not completely protect the skin. People of a darker skin tone still need to use a broad spectrum sunscreen to avoid UVA damage!

2. Sunscreen will prevent a person from absorbing necessary Vitamin D

In theory this sounds right because Vitamin D is made in the body through exposure to UV rays and by definition sunscreen blocks UV rays from the body. However wearing sunscreen is not like wearing a thick winter coat all over your body... It protects against harmful UV rays but still allows for vitamin D absorption.

3. You can’t tan if you wear sunscreen

We all know being tan is the end game goal but wearing sunscreen won’t prevent that! Sunscreen again helps to avoid damaging exposure to UV rays. If you are applying sunscreen the proper way you should be able to still get a tan but at a healthy rate for your skin. If you wanted to completely avoid tanning you would need to apply a high SPF and cover your skin with clothing and shade.

4. Makeup is enough protection for your face.

Most foundations have some amount of SPF in them which is super awesome but that is not enough! Your face especially is extremely important to properly protect because it is so sensitive. Makeup should be thought as an additional layer of protection but not the only one. Adding a good sunscreen to your makeup routine will have a lasting impact on your skin later on.

Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa carry the Image Skincare line with several sunscreen options including a tinted sunscreen, spray on sunscreen, and up to 50 SPF.

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