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Bye Bye Bug Bites

The bug stuff works!

We all come across products that claim to “do this” or “do that” but how do you really know? Well I took a trip to a rainforest (yes Alaska is a rainforest) with a jar of the bye bye bug bites body scrub. Happy to report that my skin is soft and NOT ONE bug bite.

How it came to be: A dear friend of mine relocated to the Carolina’s for school earlier this year. When we spoke she mentioned she was getting eaten alive by bugs. I remember mentioning to her to use citronella candles. But of course, you can’t very well walk around with a lit candle. That is far from practical and a pretty big fire hazard! So it occurred to me to create a body scrub using a citronella essential oil. Whella.. bye bye bug bites body scrub was invented.

By using this scrub I was able to avoid being eaten alive by those pesky bugs without having a layer of sticky bug spray coating my skin. Instead I used the scrub in preparation for going out and my skin was exfoliated, moisturized, and ready to fight off all the annoying bugs!

So if you are going to a rainforest, going camping, or taking a hike, pick yourself up a jar at Bottoms Up!

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