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Cryo Success Stories

If you follow Bottoms Up in anyway or live in Solano county, you have probably heard the buzz around Cryotherapy! Not only have we been advertising it everywhere, but anyone who's tried it tells everyone they know about the experience because it really works!

Many people still think it is a “trend” started by famous athletes. It is true that many professional athletes and movie stars helped bring light to Cryotherapy, but that in no way takes away the amazing benefits people are see from using it. We decided that rather than writing another post telling you how great Cryo is… I am going to actually show you!

This is a little difficult to do without physically sticking you in the machine, however I have gathered different success stories from clients that have come into our salon and tried Cryo. These stories come from REAL people who live in Solano County, these are your friends and neighbors, not paid sponsorships or actors.

The first story I want to tell you about actually happened during our reveal party for Cryotherapy. The salon was buzzing all day long with excited clients ready to experiment with Cryotherapy. Along the way a couple walked in with some questions about our new chamber. She explained that they enjoyed long bike rides together around town, but due to an onset of serious pain they haven't been able to hop on their bikes in years. After our conversation the couple went ahead with their Cryotherapy sessions and followed them with 20 minutes in our Red Light Sauna. The couple was grateful and left the salon excited to come back! To our surprise, later that day, the couple paid the salon a surprise visit to tell us they just got done with a bike ride!! This may seem simple, but to these individuals Cryotherapy brought something back into their lives that they loved and to be there to see the results was amazing!

The next story comes from a lady who HATES being cold with a passion, but sucks it up for 3 minutes to do what is best for her body. We are in the middle of attempting to speed up her recovery-time from a shoulder injury that she had suffered a little while back. She comes in at least once a week for Cryo and Red Light Therapy sessions and sometimes more! Her nephew has the same injury from a similar accident and she was just told by their physical therapist that she is farther along in the recovery process! Age is on his side, but she is still recovering faster! She credits this to Cryotherapy.

The last story comes from a fitness group that has been coming to Bottoms Up for a while now and were beyond excited about the Cryo reveal! Each of them had slightly different results after their first use because everybody is different. However, they all can agree on the fact that after a serious day of lifting at the gym, nothing compares to a quick Cryo session. They explained the immediate relief from Cryo from any kind of pain or discomfort is like nothing they have experienced before. One of them also mentioned it helps her recover faster from a workout allowing her to hit the next one just as hard and not suffering from soreness. Another one said he gets a boost in his energy levels which pumps him up for a great cardio session later on!

Everyone who walks in our chamber walks out seeing a benefit. While everyone might experience Cryotherapy a little different, we can all agree that the results don’t lie. These are real success stories from real people that had real pain! What is stopping you from being our next success story?

Don’t forget for the whole month of June we are doing FREE CRYO FRIDAY (one session per customer. not valid with any other offer.)

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