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Meet Our Skincare Queen, Elizabeth!

This month we want to highlight the lovely Esthetician we have had the privilege to welcome into our Salon family, Miss Elizabeth! Elizabeth has been in skincare for 22 years and her experience shows in the brilliant work she does. You’re probably wondering how Elizabeth has done skincare for that long when she doesn’t look a day over 25... Well the truth is she is 41! (can you believe?!)

Facts about Elizabeth

Dream car

A White Maserati, because it is beautiful and fast like her.

A song she has memorized completely

Needed Me By Rihanna.

Her claim to fame is

Her daughter... and her dogs.

Her skincare pet peeves

When people don’t wash their face.

People not wearing sunscreen.

Elizabeth is one of the most infectious and fun individuals you could ever encounter. In the short time she has been at the salon she has made such an imprint on our hearts and we cannot help but love her! In addition to this fun side of her she is also extremely caring and dedicated.

One thing that sets Elizabeth and her services apart from others is that she cares on both a professional and personal level. Elizabeth is a results oriented individual who prides herself on her commitment to helping her clients achieve their skincare dreams by any means possible. From hydrafacials to microblading she is always current with the latest skincare innovations so that she can serve her clients with the utmost excellence. Not only does she care about her clients skin but she cares for them personally, calling anyone who walks through her door friend.

Elizabeth's Journey

Elizabeth’s journey to becoming an Esthetician started when she was still working in makeup. It used to pain her to have to use such heavy makeup on individuals who were not confident in their skin. She often found herself wanting to sell skincare products more than makeup, so that her clients would not have to feel the need to hide their beautiful and radiant faces under products that only worsened their acne. This is what led her to pursue skincare as a profession.

Getting to where she is now, was no easy feat. Elizabeth had a young daughter, and still had to manage working and going to school at the same time. Regardless of the many roles she was juggling, she brought 110% of herself to everything she did. This tenacity got her recognized for her talent and potential early on, and because of this she had a job offering for a prestigious spa in Walnut Creek even before she completed her schooling. This is what put her on the fast-track to where she is today: distinguished, highly experienced, and deeply committed to her work.

Elizabeth's Goals

As Elizabeth continues to build her legacy she wants to be remembered for being the greatest and most passionate skincare innovator that ever existed. She places an emphasis on the title innovator because she takes a skincare treatment and evolves it to the next level by customizing it to the client specifically. She also wants her family to remember that everything she did, she did for them.

If we have not convinced you already why Elizabeth is so amazing, you will just have to see for yourself! Click here for a full list of her services and to book an appointment with her before she too famous to take on more clients. ;)

We’re confident you will love her just as much as we do!!

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