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What is CBD? Healthy or Just Hype?

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around CBD… but what exactly is it? Is it legal? Does it get you high? Well we’re here this month to give you the scoop on this newly popular holistic health product.

First, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD oil is a legal oil that is extracted from a cannabis plant. Although you may know the term cannabis as only being associated with Marijuana, CBD actually has no THC in it. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for the sensation of being “high” that comes with Marijuana. Since CBD oil does not contain THC, you are left with its benefits, without the high.

One thing to be sure of, is that the CBD products you are buying are truly THC free. Many companies will sneak trace amounts of THC into your CBD products, which will make you feel more tired and give you a micro high.

As we have investigated CBD, the list of benefits associated with it just continues to grow. In this blog we will touch on just a few of the many reasons you might need to start using it ASAP!


1. CBD can help with anxiety and stress.

CBD oil studies have shown that individuals who take CBD experience less anxiety and stress than a placebo group that doesn’t take CBD. It also is a more holistic alternative as it does not cause the plethora of side effects that many pharmaceuticals do.

2. It can relieve aches and pains.

The first people to begin using CBD products were women over 45 that had the aches and pains that come with aging, and found that it was able to give them the relief they were looking for. This significantly improved their quality of life leading them to begin regularly using it.

3. Regular use can reduce depression.

Studies have shown that CBD can help your brain produce more serotonin, and this hormone is one that is highly responsible for mood regulation.

4. CBD can help with acne.

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be extremely helpful for individuals who suffer from acne. Try pairing our CBD Tanning Lotion & Moisturizer with Red Light Therapy for the perfect skin BU skin treatment.

5. Start sleeping better.

Studies have shown that the use of CBD can give you a better night’s sleep by sending more sleep signals throughout your body to tell it to start getting ready for bed. CBD can help you start sleeping and feeling better than you ever have before.

There are many more reasons why CBD has grown in popularity over the last year, as it has many benefits associated with regular use. CBD has began to be incorporated into many products to suit a wide array of needs, from topicals, to tinctures, to even dog treats!


Since we’ve now convinced you of the wonders of CBD, it’s the perfect time to tell you that we also have CBD topical products for sale at the salon! The products currently available include CBD tanning lotion and moisturizer. (but who knows… maybe we’ll be getting a scrub soon too (; )

While our tanning lotion is perfect for all your salon needs, our moisturizer will be your bff for everyday wear!

We hope you enjoyed unraveling the mysteries of CBD with us, and if you have any questions left answered or your own thoughts on the topic, let us know in the comment box below!

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