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Tanning 101 - Get On My Level

Most of the time you walk into a salon as soon as it reaches 78 degrees outside and now you are in a mad rush to get the perfect tan for the quickly approaching summer months. The salon offers a million different beds with weird numbers referring to levels but none of this really matters because you just want to look like a beach babe ASAP. Sound familiar?

Well I’m here to help you out and actually prepare you by knowing the difference between the levels we offer in our salon. Knowing how your skin reacts to each level can help you develop a deeper tan FASTER! Work smarter, not harder ladies and gents…

An easy way to picture the beds is to imagine them with a line right down the middle of the levels. Levels 1-3 are considered our “Lower Level” beds. These beds are great for someone new to tanning, someone looking to maintain their current tan, or someone wanting to dive a little deeper into their tan. Lower level beds penetrate the skin on a deeper level and pull melanin to the surface of your skin. While 4-6, referred to as our “Higher Level” beds, tan on the surface level of your skin. They are great for getting you a dark color quickly because they tan the melanin found at the surface of your skin.

Let's Break it Down:


Level 1:

Our lowest level bed meaning it has a lower intensity when it comes to the UV rays.This bed is perfect for someone who burns very easily as it is a great way to get started with your tanning routine! However, this bed is also amazing for someone who is looking to deepen their tan for a lasting glow.


Level 2:

Similar to our level 1 bed but with a little more intensity! Plus this level offers two beds in the salon allowing you more options and less of a wait. Level 2 is great for working up to higher levels but also deepening that perfect tan once you have achieved a dark color.


Level 3:

One of our most popular beds because it is the highest intensity of our lower level beds. This bed offers great color while also pulling from a deeper level.


Level 4:

The lowest of the higher level beds and probably my personal favorite… This is where the beds start tanning more towards the surface of your skin and you see your color develop faster! These beds are also very spacious, and great for maintaining that perfect color!


Level 5:

Our only STAND UP in the salon!! I can not stress this enough… you need to use the stand up. Most people run as far as they can from it because they want to lay down and relax but let me tell you, you are missing out. The stand up allows for tanning exposure that is not possible in a lay down and helps prevent awkward white areas. Bunny tails are not cute okay.


Level 6: Last but definitely not least, our high pressure bed. This means it is the highest intensity bed in our salon but since it is a high pressure bed, it is also the hardest to burn in. Now that does not mean you can spend hours in it but it does offer a great tan! This bed offers an extremely dark tan in minutes, plus all the fancy bells and whistles. Voice commands, air conditioning, multiple fans, separate facial and should bulbs, and body forming acrylic to create an amazing tanning experience!


TAN TIP: Bouncing around is the BEST! Once you have worked your way up to a higher level bed it is crucial that you spend sometime in the lower level beds still. Yes level 6 gives you bomb color in a fraction of the time but it also fades away just as fast! You need to create a balance between a deep tan from our lower levels and a dark tan from the higher levels! Talk with one of our tanning consultants to set up the perfect routine for you.

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