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33 Things To Do While In Quarantine!

We're almost one full month into quarantine, and have less than two weeks to go! We know many of you are going stir crazy and we wanted to make a list of some fun things you can do with your spare time, until things are able to go back to normal.

Let us know in the comments if you end up doing one or more these things!

1. Binge all the movies and shows you want, you'll never have the amount of time to do it as you do now!

2. Try learning a new language on one of the many different apps they now have.

3. Take time to do some reading.

4. Learn and practice new makeup trends.

5. Drink wine at 2:00pm, cause you can

6. Do an at-home workout!

7. Play a bored game with the people you're quarantined with, or get some friends to join an online board game, like words with friends.

8. Play a game over zoom with a group, or even just catch up!

9. Reach out to someone you haven't seen or spoke to in awhile. They probably miss you.

10. Organize a space in your house, or maybe a few!

11. Try on all your clothes, decide what you're going to keep, and what you're going to donate or sell.

12. Bake some goods.

13. Try making a new recipe. Who knows, it might become a household favorite.

14. We also hear people are making lots of bread, so you can do that too!

15. Make a scrapbook with all the little memories you might have lying around.

16. Take a bubble bath.

17. Try your hand at mixology! Try the classics and get creative.

18. Write a short story or poem. Maybe even enter it into a few contests!

19. Test out a new hairstyle, look up some tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest.

20. Make a list of things you're grateful for. We could all use a bit of gratitude now more than ever.

21. Buy gift cards from your favorite local businesses, this will help them during an uncertain time.

22. It's become a trend for people to cut and dye their hair during quarantine. We say why not! Check out Hilary Duff's new hair do!

23. Rearrange your furniture.

24. Online shop! Many businesses are having great sales, but if you're trying to cut down on expenses right now... maybe not don't take our advice on this one.

25. If you have a pet, try teaching them new tricks.

26. Learn origami!

27. Have a family fashion show, can be done in person or over video chat. Try to make the most Met Gala outfit you can.

28. Dedicate a part of your house to gardening.Try growing some fresh produce.

29. Plan a vacation for when all of this is over! Where do you want to go?

30. Write letters to family and friends that live in different cities or states.

31.Write an email to your future self to remember what living through the Pandemic was really like!

Use a website like

32. Lay out outside and sun tan, not too long though and don't forget SPF!

33. Face Masks every night. You can even have a 20 step nightly routine if you want.

Want to self-care every night, but running low on Image products? Don't worry, you can pick up some more from the Salon!

Email or give us a call at (707) 449-8267 to organize a time to come grab your favorite products. Your skin shouldn't have to suffer!

We hope you enjoyed some of our ideas to pass time during quarantine. Leave a comment telling us what you've been up to!

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