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Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

This year we are focusing on loving yourself for Valentine’s Day. The most important thing to remember is you cannot love anyone else fully until you can love yourself. Many people look at Valentine’s Day as either a time they need to spend all this money to prove their love, or eat 20 pounds of chocolate to comfort their loneliness. We are challenging you to switch it up this year and focus on just loving yourself! If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry we have your back and have listed out some great self-love ideas in this blog!

1. Buy yourself a little something sweet: Emphasis on the LITTLE!!! This does not mean break the bank and go into debt for yourself. However, get yourself something that makes you feel good and adds value to your life! Don’t just binge on discounted candy people. Buy a cute or spicy outfit and take some BOMB pictures for yourself!

2. Write yourself a love note: Pour a glass of wine and pour your heart out to yourself! Include everything you love about yourself and why you love that part of you. Then to take it a step further write about some of your insecurities but challenge yourself to write about them in a positive way.

3. Step up your skincare routine: It sounds simple but your future face will thank you. Understanding your skin and what it needs is the key to perfect skin because it is not a one size fits all kinda thing. Come into the salon and we will help you customize a routine that fits you. Trust me, Image Skincare is the best out there.

4. Promise to put aside some “me time” everyday: This should be your goal everyday, not just in February. Read a book, journal, go on a walk, OR come in for a 15 minute Red Light Therapy session… This will also help step up your skincare game, two birds one stone my friend…

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we want you to remember this holiday is not just for the ones in relationships. Love your friends, your mom, your dog, and most importantly yourself!!



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