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Every year we all make new resolutions and by March most of us have completely forgotten about them.

Don't let that be you and make 2022 the year of YOU!

Here are some of our top 3 recommendations for sticking to those Resolutions!

1. Set realistic goals!

Do not make a resolution that is unrealistic for you or try to compete with someone else. Remember we are all on our journey and will not achieve things at the same time as someone else.

2. Make it motivational!

There is nothing worse than selecting a goal that you aren’t excited about. In doing so you are more likely to fall off and not follow through with it.

3. Make a plan!

Establish a plan of how you want to achieve these goals and set a routine.

4. Sign up for our New Year, New You, No Matter who you are specials!

We have everything you need to make this the best year for you! Need gym recovery sign up for our Therapy bundles or spoil yourself with our Salon Pass!

As you go into this it is not about trying to meet the standards of others but living your best YOU!


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