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New Year ~ New YOU!

Every year January comes along and all people can talk about are their resolutions that they are so excited to start but seem to forget about come February. However, this year needs to be different simply because 2020 SUCKED, it did you can’t disagree. While there were so many amazing things to happen, the entire year was cluttered with disaster. We want to talk about some ways to ensure 2021 is your best year yet!


First look back on 2020 and focus on the positives in your life! Did you make steps in your career, pick up a new hobby in quarantine, adopt a pandemic puppy, fall in love?? No matter how small the win, take that and build on it for 2021!

Many times our goals are things we don’t like about ourselves or our lives and we want to fix it. I challenge you to identify your success in this past year and how you can grow that in 2021!

Next use this new year as a chance to reset yourself and focus on things you CAN control in the madness. Can you control the news? No, unless you are the CEO of Fox. Think about your actions, life choices, and relationships.

Looking at the world as a whole is stressful, especially when there is so much negativity in today's everyday life. Do not let that discourage you from improving aspects of your life that you can control!! Maybe it is a morning routine, scheduled weekly walks, reminders to drink water! Add some organization and start small!

Speaking of starting small, a key to successful goals and resolutions is setting multiple small goals rather than one big one! Think of your resolution as a chain of events that are linked together. Moving up to the next step in your career is a great goal, but is also a big one to achieve sometimes. Instead, set multiple small goals on the path to reaching that “next step”. Take time and think about the small victories you will need to encounter in order to reach your big goal! Listing those as goals will keep you motivated on your way to success, because who doesn’t love celebrating!

Having big goals is never a bad thing. Set small, achievable goals as a way to stay on track for your big dreams!

The most important part of creating those small goals is making sure they are measurable. Kinda hard to celebrate a victory if the finish line isn’t clearly marked… Some ways to do this would be add a quantity or a timeline to your goals. Instead of saying “I want to take on some new clients” as a step to a career goal, add a specific quantity and deadline to it! “I want to take on 3 new clients every month” is a way better goal because there is a clear expectation set! This way you get the satisfaction of completing a goal, giving you the motivation to slay it again next month!

Setting resolutions don’t have to be dreadful, and after the year we all just had I think they are absolutely necessary this year! Focus on the positives to build on, things you can control, achievable, and measured goals! 2021 will be the best year yet and getting your goals organized is the first step!!


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