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Start Prepping for Summer Now!

Summer is coming and we want to help you prepare!

If you follow us on any form of social media, you have probably seen us yelling at you to start your summer prep now! We are yelling for a reason… What we mean by "summer preparation" is slowly using our services to ensure your skin is glowing and ready to go for the warmer weather! We have compiled a list of ways we can help your skin look its BEST for summer 2021!

UV Tanning

  • One of our most popular services and possibly the most important to prepare for! Coming to us sooner than later will allow you to tan gradually rather than exposing your skin to all the sun on your first beach trip. Not only will you have a lower chance of burning, but you will have a glowing tan ready to go!

Spray Tanning

  • Spray tans are a great way to get color without sitting in a bed. When you see us in advance we have more time to nail down the perfect color for you! I am an avid spray tanner and I personally have 3 colors that I spray at depending on my plans. If you start spray tanning early, you will have time to experiment with darker or lighter shades! Plus spray tans allow you to achieve deep color in no time at all! Slap some SPF on and head to the beach with your flawless tan.

Red Light Therapy

  • Even if your goal isn’t to gain a deeper tan for summer, we have services for you! Red Light Therapy, for example, will decrease those annoying skin imperfections and make your skin look the best it ever has! Not to mention it can decrease chronic pain to boost your mood for summertime fun!

Fit Bodywrap

  • This service provides you with a full body detox. Scheduling routine wraps will allow you to get rid of excess water weight and extra stubborn inches. A few of these before your first summer reveal and you will be ready to rock the beach!


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