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The Best Tan is A Safe TAN! Safe Tanning Tips!

In honor of Safe Sun week this month we wanted to remind everyone that while we love a good tan, practicing safe tanning tips is a must! Here are some of our top TAN tips to remember while you get your Summer Tan on.

1. SPF!

A common mistake that many people forget is that SPF is not just for when you’re chilling on the beach. SPF is essential to wear every day to protect your skin and face from sun damage. Not only should you be wearing it every day but if you are planning on being outdoors most of the day reapplying sunscreen is a must! SPF only lasts for so many hours and once you pass the mark another layer is essential to keep up sun protection. We offer a wide selection of SPF products that are clients can choose from.

2. Hydrate!

If you are going to be tanning you need to drink, drink water. Nothing is worst for you than un-hydrated skin, not only will this affect your tan, but it can also increase the chances of wrinkles and blotches. No one wants that!

Save yourself and your tan and make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

3. Know Your Sunscreen!

While it may simply be that all sunscreen is

sunscreen, it is actually more complicated than that. For sunscreen to work properly you must find the right sunscreen that works for you! Dermatologists’ top recommendations are to look for a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher, water-resistant, and has UV protection.

4. Get A Spray Tan Instead!

If you want the ultimate in a safe tanning, then a spray tan is the way to go! Get the glow minus the UV Exposure. With our Pura Spray Tan machine.

We love some fun in the sun but as the weather heats up remember to protect your skin! Next time you're in the salon do not hesitate to ask are go to products to use all Summer long.


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