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What Can't the Wellness Pod Do!

We have been fortunate enough to have our wellness pod for a few months now and every day more and more of our clients are falling in love with the pod. So, what all can the pod do let’s break it down!

Infrared Heat Technology

The pod utilizes infrared heat technology to rejuve, restore and recharge the body for whole-body wellness. The pod offers three choices of heat low, medium and high heat each optimized to help you reach different goals. Low heat is most recommended for a more relaxing session like a session in one of our red-light beds. Use medium and high heat to boost up a sweat session for weight loss and to detoxify the body.

Integrated H.I.I.T Exercise system

One thing we love about the pod is not only can you soak in some red-light therapy but can also workout at the same time with its H.I.I.T workout sessions. For a 30-minute session, we attach fitness bands for a workout routine you will never forget. For some, a workout outside of the pod can be too painful or difficult but, in the pod, you can burn approximately the same or more calories from an intense workout without even having to stand up.


One of the features of the pod is a full-body vibrational massage. Utilizing a dual wave massage system, the vibrations exert a small, rhythmic force that travels deep within the body to exert small pressure waves for sore muscles. Choose from either low, medium or high vibration.

Overall Benefits

From weight management, and pain relief to relaxation there are countless things the pod can do for everyone if routinely used. Book your 30-minute session today and try it out for yourself!


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