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What To Wear To Your Spray Tan Appointment & Afterwards!

I don't know about you, but when it was our first time getting a spray tan, it felt a little stressful with all the unknowns. When your appointment finally rolls around you might be standing in your room stressed thinking...

If you are wondering about what the heck to wear to a spray tan salon, you’re not alone. We have all been there at one point.

How can you assure your tan comes out looking flawless? What you wear when getting a spray tan will determine the final outcome of the tan itself.

Tight clothes will result in uneven patches of tan. Be cautious when getting dressed that morning.

As you can tell, there's a fair amount of planning that can and needs to go into planning out your spray tanning appointment.

Feeling comfortable at the salon is more important than anything else. So, if you're more comfortable in an oversized tee-shirt, rock it! Does the idea of running shorts make you anxious? Throw on some baggy sweatpants and head on over to us.

Spray Tan Clothing

No light clothing

You are not going to want to wear your favorite light-colored crop top. The spray tanning solution can permanently stain your clothes. Dark colors are going to be your best option. Dark tank tops or oversized tee shirts are pretty fashionable.

Tan Lines From a Spray Tan?

It's highly recommended to get naked because who wants to pay for tan lines? But honestly, some of us aren't brave enough to and that's okay.

Wear loose underwear that can be disposed of if extra tanning solution absorbs into the cloth. Or, having a designated bathing suit you exclusively wear for spray tanning.

Fabric will block the spray from getting on your skin, so you can expect tan lines around the edges of your clothing. You'll be able to cover up your tan lines under your everyday clothes, but it’s a whole different story if you’re taking your spray tan on a vacation, to the beach or pool.

What Do We Provide You?

Sticky Feet Pads

When you tan with us at Bottoms Up, we provide you with a few essentials for your spray tan. One of the most important things you need are sticky feet pads. They protect your feet from being stained. They are only good for one use, so they can be disposed after the session is complete.


You might giggle when you see yourself in the mirror looking like a lunch lady, but the hairnets are really great tool to keep the tanning solution away from your hair.

Prop Tip: Place the hairnet slightly above your hairline so you will not have a tan line running along your entire forehead! It is a common spray tanning mistake, more common than you may realize.

What Not To Wear After Your Spray Tan

No Bras

No Socks

No Deodorant

No Heavy Necklaces or Bracelets

No Makeup if you can help it

What Should You Wear After Your Spray Tan?

Loose Fitting Clothes

Dark Colors

Limit Perfume Use

Flipflops or Open Toed Shoes

We hope you were able to take away some tips and tricks to make yourself a spray tanning expert next time you visit the salon. Hope you enjoy your new glow!


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