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You Are beautiful in your own skin, care for it!

Did you know that the entire month of June is Beautiful in Your Own Skin Month? So, what does this mean you might wonder. This entire month is about loving the skin you have and taking care of it with a proper skincare routine. We all have scars, imperfections, wrinkles, or something that we wish away but we are here to remind you to love yourself and if you want to improve something there are multiple products out there to help get the job done. Below we have compiled our top recommendations on how to create the perfect skincare routine for you!

1. Understand your skin type and sensitivity.

One common mistake that happens all too often is trying a skincare cream or cleanser and having a bad reaction. This could occur because your skin could have an allergy you were not aware of or using a product that is way too harsh for your skin. Or for instance, if you suffer from oily skin, you could be choosing products that make the situation worst. One way to avoid this happening to you is to always test products before using them on your face.

2. Find the right cleanser.

Another aspect that can never go underlooked is finding the right cleanser. Once you have determined your skin type look for a cleanser that will properly remove all of the dirt and oil from your face. This is essential to leaving your face clean and allowing all additional products that you use to properly work.

3. Find a moisturizer.

We will constantly preach to anyone who will listen that a secret to healthy skin is moisturizer! Whether you love to tan like us or just want to keep your skin with its natural glow a moisturizer is a way to go. Most moisturizers you will find at Bottoms Up will contain hyaluronic acid or other ingredients that will help with wrinkles, acne scars, or other imperfections.

4. Use Sunscreen.

Even if you are not in the sun all day one of the best things you can do for your skin is to protect it with sunscreen. Even on a cloudy day, your skin can still get the effects of the sun. Today you can find SPF in many moisturizers or cosmetics, and we just so happen to carry all of the Image products SPF line.

5. Love yourself & don't expect changes overnight.

It may be hard to look in the mirror and only see the imperfections but remember you are beautiful in every way and any imperfection you see someone else might see as beautiful. It could also be easy to get discouraged when you do not see any improvements after embracing a new skincare routine. However, nothing happens overnight and if you care for your skin, it will stay healthy and glowing for years to come.

Don't forget to stop in the salon and ask one of our Bottoms Up experts to assist you in finding the best skincare products for you!


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