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What Kind of Spray Tan?

Bottoms Up is proud to be the first in Solano County, CA to feature the newest spray tan machine on the market: the PURA Sunless Spa.


Completely safe and beneficial for your skin, in a private booth, with all the amenities you'll need to enjoy your spray tan are waiting for you at Bottoms Up.

What is the PURA Sunless Spa?

The PURA Sunless Spa is one of the highest-end spray tanning booths on the tanning market. Released in 2012,  the PURA Sunless Spa utilizes the method of simple positions: forward and rear facing positions... no more walking like an Egyptian!

What makes PURA different is its Trinity Mist, three-spray head design. Each spray is positioned just right so that the tanning solution does not collide with the other sprays, delivering uncompromising results.

No splatters. No blotchy color.

Equipped with a Prep Spray stage to prime your skin AND included in every spray tan, you can be sure your PURA spray tan will last. Followed by a Heated Session and a consecutive stage of blow drying, each tan is ensured to reach optimum results.

A PURA Spray Tan is a quick, simple four-step tan:

front and back prep, front and back spray... and done!


PURA Sunless Spa Spray Tanning Booth

Under 18?

You cannot spray tan without Parental Consent at Bottoms Up.

Please have your parent/guardian complete this form and bring it with you:

Like for us to reach out?

Want more info? Have questions?

We'd love to reach out to you! Fill out the below form and we'll give you a shout.

PLEASE INCLUDE: If you prefer call or email and the best time to reach out.

Thanks! We'll reach out to you ASAP.

PUR Sunless Spa products
PURA Sunless Spa Skin Moisturizing Booth

Clear Moisture Sessions

Clear moisture sessions are also available through our PURA Sunless Spa. This skincare treat does not darken your skin, rather, it's a clear solution that gives your skin a breath of fresh hydration. 

Just like humid climates saturate your skin with deep moisture, the PURA Sunless Spa can give you a glow like you stepped off the beaches of Hawaii.


Seal your UV tan with intense hydration or treat your natural color with a little love!

Products We Recommend

ONLY $10 // unlimited for $75/month EFT

We recommend PURA Sunless products for all the before and after-care you'll need for your spray tan and carry the entire line in-store for your convenience.

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