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Our Core Values

Our Mission & Core Values

To provide a refreshing pause on daily life and be a sanctuary where steps toward greater health and wellness can be freely taken.



We value kindness first towards yourself and then towards one another.


At Bottoms Up, we believe that self-care and acceptance is the basis for the amount of love you have the ability to give to others. When you walk through our doors, it's our goal to offer you the opportunity to take greater steps to loving you for who you are, appreciating your body for the beauty it holds, and as a result, loving your life more when you leave. 

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Customer Care

Taking that extra ten minutes in a conversation to hear about someone's day or thoughtfully providing the right amenities for your visit all come from our core value of providing you the customer service you deserve when you take time out of your day to visit us. 

It would be easy to check all the boxes and go through the motions, but going the extra mile to make you feel valued is not just our duty, but our joy.

Authenticity & Wholeness

The beauty industry can be caddy, mean, and reveal the worst attributes of an image-dominant culture.
At Bottoms Up, we believe you do not have to dim someone else's light to make yours seem brighter and everyone has a unique beauty to offer the world.

Therefore, we strive to exude kindness from the heart first and foremost. Outward beauty is meant to be fun, done with health in mind, and reflect the preexisting elegance on the inside and that's the first thing we seek to bring out in a customer and each other.

Safety & Moderation

When it comes down to it, it's not about the money at Bottoms Up.


It's about the customer experience and the customer well-being above all else.

Tanning is a less-is-more service that is best when done in moderation. 

You can trust that we will always have your best interest in mind and are not afraid to be clear when your frequency of services might be exceeding what is healthy.

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