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Sauna's are red, Cryos are blue, you should visit us, with a friend or two!

February is the month dedicated to celebrating the people and things you love the most. Do you know what a perfect, non-basic best friend activity could be? Spoiling yourself and a friend by spending quality time practicing self-care is what we think. Bring in a friend to Cryo and Sauna together!!

We suggest cold before hot always! Cryotherapy, then Sauna.

Start the day with a rush from plummeting temperatures in our Cryotherapy chamber! Cryotherapy can trigger hormonal responses. As a result, your body releases hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins. The release of these hormones can bring you relaxation and act as a mild sedative to feelings of anxiety.

"I'm going to freeze in there" is one of the most common misconceptions from clients when they think about Cryotherapy. It's pretty cold in there, but you will NOT freeze. During your three-minute session, your core temperature will never drop below its natural temperature. You will leave the chamber feeling refreshed and invigorated!

Next, you and your best friend can head to our Red Light sauna.

A fun fact about Red Light Therapy is that NASA discovered it! That's out of this world incredible. FDA-approved Red Light Saunas have been proven to promote the enhancement of cell regeneration and collagen production beneath the skin's surface. Your overall skin complexion will be thanking you, feeling softer and smoother than when you walked into Bottoms Up Tanning and Spa. Red light therapy will also increase your circulation, promoting faster wound repair on the skin's surface for scars and stretch marks.

What's the one takeaway we want you to leave with? BOTH our saunas and cryotherapy chamber have room for two people to enjoy the benefits of relaxation and detox together!

Take advantage of this sweet deal by scheduling your Cryo and Sauna day through our Mind Body App!


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