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The Winter Skin Transition

My thighs haven’t seen daylight in months and soon I’ll be pushed by Vacaville summer heat, beach trips, and my favorite sun dresses to get those pasty legs out in the open for all to see.

Thankfully, I have my winter skin road map to ease the transition and keep the blinding of the mailman to a minimum when I walk out of my house in daisy dukes for the first time since August.

Starting this month, here’s my road map to going from PALE to POW:

May 2018

First things first, I have to get my membership sorted out. The good news is that Bottoms Up let’s me build-my-own package so I can mix and match the services I want!

Choosing from UV Tanning, Spray Tanning, Red Light Therapy, Red Light Sauna, FIT Bodywrap, or My-Lipo, I can create the perfect line up to keep me looking and feeling my best throughout the summer.

I want my package to include Red Light Therapy sessions to help heal acne scars, boost my cell renewal, and increase healthy circulation.

From there, UV tanning is a must and when it’s part of my package, it’s UNLIMITED. I’ll begin to develop my base tan in the lower level beds.

Finally, the FIT Bodywrap does wonders for ridding my body of toxins and excess water weight. I’ll definitely take advantage of this when I need to slip into a snug dress and want to avoid a bloated tummy.

June 2018

It’s getting warmer and it’s time to up my UV game. I’ll move to a higher level bed and to ensure my tan will last, I’ll buy my own supply of tanning lotion.

I’ll spend some time experimenting with packets of tanning lotions to figure out which fits my skin best and ask the salon girls for their thoughts!

July 2018

I’ve finally achieved the color I want and have no problem sporting a flowy sun dress or shorts. I’ll want to maintain my tan, but I don’t want my color to go beyond the shade I’m at.

The High Pressure Tanning Bed allows me to control the heat of the bed and I know it's a salon favorite. I’ll be shifting more of my time to this beauty!

August 2018

Summer travels and backyard barbecues did not help my diet by this time. I’ll want to increase my FIT Bodywrap sessions to rid myself of that salt, sugar, and excess fats even though they tasted so good going down.

Maybe I’ll jump into the Red Light Sauna to give it a try as well for just $15 a session!

Here’s to an amazing summer coming!


While Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is current and complete on the date of publication, no representatives or warranties are made (expressed or implied) as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of such information. While Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa, therefore, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising or indirectly from the use of, or any action taken in reliance on, any information appearing in this publication.

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