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Exciting News at Bottoms Up!

We are getting something new!

We heard you and we listened! At Bottoms Up we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best to our local community and clients. This is why every service we offer at the salon is about bringing customers joy, relaxation, and confidence!

New Service!

With that in mind, the salon will be adding a new service to the salon! Get ready for the ultimate in total body wellness with the Cocoon Fitness Pod deluxe! The cocoon wellness pod is designed to do it all from fitness, and relaxation to weight management programs. Using a combination of heat, red light therapy, vibration massage, and much more there are endless things the Cocoon can do for you!

Whether you are looking to up your fitness routine or just in need of some Mindbody relaxation the cocoon provides endless options for you to choose from. It’s a service we cannot wait for you all to try!

Keep checking our social for updates, you are going not going to want to miss the launch of the Cocoon Wellness Pod!


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