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Keep that Summer Bod Going all year long!

Once the weather starts cooling down it could be easy to lose that motivation to keep your body in bikini body shape. From the shorter days to fewer activities outdoors it could be easy to slip out of our fitness routines and hide behind our cozy sweaters. With Bottoms Up fear not, we offer multiple services to help you stick to routine and keep that Summer Bod.

The Wellness Pod: Get the power of red-light therapy and infrared heat all in one with the pod. No matter what your fitness level is the pod is designed for everyone to help them live a healthier lifestyle. With the pod, you can perform active thermal exercises with resistance bands for moderate or accelerated fitness, weight management, toning and firming, and increased flexibility and energy.

Fit Body Wrap: Chill with some Netflix and sweat off the calories with infrared heat targeted to help with water retention. In addition, people have experienced cellulite reduction, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation from the service.

My Lipo: A non-invasive alternative to liposuction that targets areas of the body like that stubborn belly fat that regular exercise and diet just aren’t cutting. The way it works is by stimulating the fat cell to release energy which is then easily metabolized while also encouraging the production of new collagen for youthful-looking skin. From there, with a good diet and immediate exercise, that belly fat that has held on or that arm jiggle you hate is much easier to lose.

Red Light Sauna: the Red Light Sauna is healing and relaxation in one. With smart temperature control, you can soak up the benefits of red light therapy while detoxifying your body of impurities and stress.

If you can’t tone it, tan it! Sometimes all it takes to feel your best is a sun-kissed glow. With either UV tanning or a spray tan we got it all to get you that glow.

Remember all of these are only successful with consistent diet and exercise.

Special thanks to our one and only Madi Ditler! Make sure to check her out if you are trying to live your best-fit life!


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