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Should You Build A Base Tan Before Going On Vacation?

Oh, the great debate of whether one should or should not tan before heading on vacation. Going on a vacation and getting sunburnt is not anyone's first choice. For the rest of your vacation, you'd be dehydrated, in pain, and dealing with skin peeling.

Did you know, according to the official Skin Cancer Foundation, sustaining five or more sunburns more than doubles your risk of developing potentially deadly melanoma. Safely exposing yourself to the sun's UV rays is the most crucial thing in our books. Here's how to safely build a base tan.

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So, next thing you know, your trip is next month. Where do you even begin when you visit us at the salon?

+ start using sunbeds 4-7 weeks before your trip⁠

+ if you burn easily, start at a low-level bed and work your way up⁠

+ use SPF creams and good moisturizing lotions to achieve a deeper and quicker tan. We have tons of options for you to choose from in the salon.⁠

+ us a bronzer to give you darker results that develop after your sessions⁠

+ USE EYE PROTECTION⁠. Wearing goggles or sunglasses will protect the delicate eye area from skin damage and vision issues. UV rays speed up the skin aging more quickly around the eyes due to the skin being thin.

+ the key is to build up by 2-3 minutes every other visit ⁠

All of March, you can buy 100 minutes at Bottoms up Tanning and Salon and get 100 minutes free! Ask your Bottoms Up salon staff the next time you visit us.

Let's set the record straight. Building a base tan is not going to entirely prevent you from burning. Yeah, we said it. A base tan is not a preventative way to protect you from burning, primarily if you incorrectly use SPFs. That's one of the reasons we supply a multitude of lotion and sunscreen options in the salon to help you help yourself.

Sunscreen is a must—no ifs and or buts about it.⁠

Keeping your skin hydrated and protected with sunscreen, your skin will look darker for longer. I know that is what you want too!⁠

The myth that you won't tan if you wear sunscreen is so old and boring. You will 100% still be tan when you wear sunscreen. You have a lower chance of experiencing premature skin aging compared to those who don't use it.⁠

Summary Should You Build A Base Tan Before Vacationing?

At the end of the day, it's up to you and the look you're going towards. We encourage you to practice safety measures when directly exposing your skin to UV rays, in and out of the salon.


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