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Spring into Summer ☀️

One thing that can’t be argued is that Solano County summers are gnarly! It starts heating up around here early and we want to help you prepare in more ways than one. Look and feel your best this summer by following these tips and making Bottoms Up Tanning & Spa your happy place!

  1. Start your base tan EARLY!! The average temperature starting in April heats up to the 70s! This means a nice sunny Saturday in April will leave you burnt for Sunday brunch. Come in and start developing your base tan a few times a week to prevent any harsh burns to come in the next couple months

  2. Looking to tighten and tone up a little before summer? We can help you increase your results! Now we are not a magic fat loss facility but our services paired with a healthy routine can speed up your journey to better results!

    1. 2 Fit Bodywraps a week can help you lose inches through detox and water weight loss!

    2. My Lipo helps break down stubborn fat in any problem areas. Head to the gym or burn 300 calories after this service for AMAZING results!

    3. Cryotherapy will not only cool you down but it also helps speed up your recovery from training and has the ability to burn 500 calories in one session!

    4. Red Light Sauna will let you sweat out your winter worries and leave you refreshed for summer!

3. Stay moisturized!! This is so important to prevent dry skin in winter months but even more important to remember as things warm up. To maintain glowing skin you need to moisturize!

4. Practice a healthy daily routine now! Once the days get warmer, it is a lot easier to get distracted by unhealthy food and activities. Be consistent now so it is easier to practice later on! PS make visiting us one of your top priorities!


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