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What is the Sun Kissed Club?

It’s a strong belief of ours here at Bottoms Up that taking time for yourself should be a ritual, not a one-time event.

With the Sun Kissed Club, we wanted to give our Bottoms Up family regulars a subscription-based and cost-effective way to partake in some of their favorite services with, not to mention, tons of perks, goodies, and get-together's throughout the year.

The perks of being a part of the Sun Kissed Club include, but are not limited to:

  1. Exclusive specials on services and salon products

  2. Fun raffles

  3. A free moisture session or eyebrow waxing as our gift anytime during your birthday month

  4. A monthly email where you’ll be the first to receive a heads up on salon news, new services, and hot deals coming

  5. Members-only Happy Hours twice a month where you can try any service not included in your membership for only $20

We’re constantly searching for new ways to honor our members, infusing the club with new specials and showering our faithful regulars with exclusive goodies.

It would be easy to check all the boxes and go through the motions when it comes to running a tanning salon and servicing the customers that come in, but going the extra mile to make our regulars feel valued is not just our duty, but our joy. We love when someone walks in and we can greet them by name, ask them about their family, and give them a relaxing moment of “me time.”

It’s why we do what we do and we hope it’s why you come!

Want to join the party? We’d love to have you! Sign up for the club HERE.


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