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Bikini Waxing...You're Doing It Wrong

Well, this is awkward.

It’s time again when we have to be a little more mindful about our personal southern hemisphere. Cute little bikini bottoms cover little and if you’re not a fan of shaving, waxing is your next best option to looking great at the beach or pool.

Whether you’re a bikini wax girl or you’re savage and go all the way with a Brazilian, these before and after tips will help ensure that you’ll experience minimal pain, irritation, and can soothe angry skin.

Bikini Waxing—6 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong


Going to your wax clean and comfortable goes a long way not only for you, but is also courteous to your esthetician. Not to mention—hair will come out easier if you’ve just showered.

So slip into the shower before your appointment.

2. YOU DON’T EXFOLIATE DOWN THERE Rid your area of dead skin cells that can hinder the wax from doing its job. This goes back to point number one about a warm shower before your appointment. Be gentle, but a quick wash and scrub will prep the area and be an immense help.

3. YOU SHAVE BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT Don’t shave in an attempt to make your esthetician’s job easier. Waxing requires a specific length of hair to work properly and if you go too short on your own, it’s not helpful. If you’d like, feel free to trim.


Avoid all exercise or whoopy for the first 24 hours after waxing. This skin just went through some serious trauma and is vulnerable to infection, cuts, and irritation. Wait 24 hours and treat this area with care to ensure further pain and skin agitation is avoided.

5. YOU COME IN TIGHT CLOTHES You’ll be so glad when you come to your appointment in loose, breathable clothing. Try some sweats, gym shorts, or even a dress to avoid constricting that sensitive area with tight jeans or synthetic fabrics.

Coming from work? Throw some workout clothes in your car to leave your appointment in.

6. YOU’RE EMBARRASSED It’s totally natural to feel super self-conscious walking into your bikini or Brazilian, but remember that you are a beautiful, amazing woman with nothing to be ashamed of and in terms of your body, you have nothing to apologize for. Walk into your appointment confidently knowing you are wonderfully made and whatever your situation is down there, take heart that you’re taking conscious steps to caring for the beauty and well being of your body. Valuing yourself is a battle within itself and you are crushing it!

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