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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer and it’s endless beach days and tans, but luckily fall is on the way with it’s own sense of magic and wonder. We took the time to compile of list of activities you can do that will not only give you the best memories this season, but also great pictures for the gram!

Take pictures in the leaves

The best part about fall is all the beautiful leaves! Grab some of your besties and a camera and do a full fall photo shoot.

Go apple picking

Look up some local apple orchards near you, and see if they sell day passes to go picking.

Make an apple pie from scratch

Use some of the apples you got from apple picking! This won’t be an easy task but it will be a fun one. Make sure to invite your culinary friend!

Buy a pair of cozy socks

Since the weather is cooling down take advantage of being able to wear those cute cozy socks again. Try to find fun ones that will be the best to break out at sleepovers.

Go to Apple Hill

Alright Solano locals, this is one of the best fall activities you could do! Get yourself some cinnamon apple donuts and make some memories with your friends and family.

Go to the pumpkin patch

Have fun browsing all the different gourd options and pick your fav! Make sure to take pics while doing it too!

Carve pumpkins

One of the fall’s staple activities is pumpkin carving! If you want to avoid carving pumpkins because it can be a mess, try painting pumpkins.

Thrift an over-sized sweater

It’s sweater weather, find some well loved, and over-sized ones at your local thrift store. Try and find a really unique one that no one else will have.

Halloween movie marathon

Have a sleepover with your friends and binge watch those old Halloween movies and soak in all the nostalgia.

Build a blanket fort

Watch your Halloween movies from inside, and see how magical you can make it by adding twinkle lights and other fun decor.

Have a bonfire

Invite all your friends and stargaze while you’re at it!

Get lost in a corn maze

Sometimes it’s fun to get lost, especially when you’re in good company.

Attend the fall fairs near you

See what harvest fairs and festivals are happening near you, and spend way too much money on all the games


It’s the reason for the season! The fall and holiday season is the perfect time to be grateful for all the things you have. With that gratitude, choose to give back.

Go on a fall scavenger hunt

Make it a photo scavenger hunt to get all the photos for memories. Invite your most competitive friends and you’re sure to have a ton of stories.

Get scared at a haunted house

While you’re walking through you will regret it, but when you get done you’ll look back and laugh at all the things that happened inside.

Make homemade apple cider

If you’re not an apple cider person, make hot cocoa!

Camp in your backyard

Make it a real camping experience by having lanterns and tents or even smores!

Host a friendsgiving

Have all your friends get together and talk about what you’re thankful for… and of course eat yummy food!

Take a nap in our red light bed

This might be the best thing you can do this fall! It’s super cozy and relaxing, it will have you coming back every week.

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We hope you enjoyed this blog all on things you can do to make this fall the most memorable yet! If you do any of these make sure you take a picture and tag us in it! We’d love to see.

Now you’re ready to have the most fun filled fall! See how many of these you can check off your list.

Next up, Christmas!

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