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#FightLikeAGirl then Relax Like a Warrior

We’ve entered a sacred month where we take a moment to raise our awareness of those around us affected by breast cancer. Our moms, sisters, aunts, friends and coworkers—nearly all of us know someone who is fighting the journey themselves, put up their fists alongside a loved one, or has #FoughtLikeAGirl and conquered.

If you’ve personally come face-to-face with breast cancer, take a moment for some luxurious, soul-soothing self-care with these three therapeutic treats below. Or if you have a warrior woman in your life who is affected by breast cancer, stop in for a gift certificate for one of these treats in honor all that this month represents and the fight they’ve powerfully fought!

1. Red Light Therapy

Our Red Light Therapy has quickly become a staff favorite! Red Light Therapy is the restoration from the inside out. Conducted in what looks like a classic tanning bed, Red Light Therapy is NASA-discovered, FDA-approved, completely safe, and uses no UV rays.

Photo credit: Kerry Hardy

Safely going beneath the skin’s surface, Red Light promotes the renewal of cell structures quicker, encouraging healing of the body from the inside out. This goes for all that your body is already in the process of doing—producing collagen, healing wounds, generating energy, etc.—Red Light Therapy encourages these processes to go quicker.

No pills. No needles. Just light.

Learn more: Red Light Therapy

Questions? Give us a call!

2. Facials

If someone comes in after having an awful day, we know the cure. An absolutely mind, body, and soul relaxing facial.

We don’t have the science language behind it, but seriously—it’s no secret that someone massaging your face, head, and neck is the absolute best thing in the world. We all know this.

Thankfully, your skin gets a little TLC too with every facial you’ll receive at Bottoms Up Tanning and Spa and we have tons of different clinical facials for you to choose from.

Not sure what you need? No worries. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to set up a time for you to consult with our esthetician, Jamie who can point you in the perfect direction of meeting you and your skin’s needs.

PS: A facial makes an AMAZING surprise birthday activity, gift, or “Just Because” present for a loved one.

Explore facials available: Facials

3. FIT Bodywrap

A cellulite reduced, pain reliever, and detoxifying magician

One of our newest services, the FIT Bodywrap is a cellulite reducer, pain reliever, and detoxifying magician.

Harnessing the power of infrared heat to deliver all the therapeutic benefits of Red Light Therapy, the FIT Bodywrap is a luxuriously slow, deep breath for your body from the inside and out.

Sessions run for about an hour, but we have a TV set up so you can binge watch your favorite show or finally see that movie that’s been sitting in your Netflix queue for months while you relax and detox!

Learn more: FIT Bodywrap

Questions? Give us a call!


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