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Working Up a REAL Sweat: My FIT Bodywrap Experience

I was a little anxious walking into my FIT Bodywrap appointment not because of the heat or how it would make me feel, but the time it would take. A whole hour in what was virtually a giant Hot Pocket.

I’m constantly doing something, working on something, trying to study up on something so the thought of laying still for a whole hour while I sweated out the toxins from yesterday’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (oh, my gosh. On sale at Target right now. Be forewarned), sounded like more of a challenge than doing a coal walk.

I had half a mind to ask if I could bring my laptop into the room while I “bodywrapped.” However, I knew that making space for real relaxation was part of the experience and the benefits I’ve been hearing about, so I refrained. Plus, I figured these forcefully calming services are made exactly for the hyperactive type A’s like myself.

After weighing myself to track how much water weight I’d lose in the next hour, Nicole gave me a quick overview of the procedure while she flipped on Netflix for me to watch while I steamed in the body wrap like a bag of veggies.

She informed me that I’d undress to my comfort, put on the FIT Bodywrap coat, and simply slip in, keeping the barn-style door of my room unlocked so associates could check up on me in twenty-minute increments.

Easy enough!

While Nicole made it clear that whatever garments I chose to keep on would get sweated through, I chose to keep my intimates on with the thought: “It can’t get that damp. I should be good!” To go back in time…

Next came putting on the FIT Bodywrap coat that was one-size-fits-only-the-eight-foot-tall which would trap and absorb all my sweaty toxins. Mind you, I’m 5’2” so it doesn’t take very large clothes to make me swim.

I put on the suit that was akin to the flattering figure of Baymax from Big Hero 6 and/or a jumbo marshmallow.

Feeling gorgeous, I then slipped into the FIT Bodywrap blanket.

The heat was toasty, but surprisingly comfortable and I quickly realized it would be a fight to stay awake.

The lure of a nap hovered over me, but I knew that in order to get the most out of this, I would have to crank up the heat. I asked Nicole to turn up the heat from 110 to 130 and the difference was quickly noticeable. I felt drops of sweat begin running down like spiders.

A fan in the room was conveniently pointed my way in case I wanted to blow away the sweat now trickling down my face, but I wanted my body to detox through my pores as much as possible.

The warmth and weightiness of the blanket was too much for me to not doze off once or twice and with the room dim, I knew I couldn’t resist—the perfect stop to my day and break for my internal world.

Laying in what felt like a tub of hot chocolate, I began hypothesizing that this heat would be an amazing and natural remedy for muscle aches, menstrual pains, and stiff joints.

The only real discomfort came around minute 40 when I started to get hungry.

Once my time was up, I prepared myself for the slap of the room temperature air against my baking skin.

Pools…Pools of sweat. Pools!

I was blown away by how much my body had been working to secrete all those toxins. I took off the coat and discarded it in the trash, wiping down with the complimentary towel, turning on the fan, and beginning to remember what it was like outside the Arizona sun sleeping bag.

I weighed myself again and found that I’d discarded a whopping five pounds of water weight and toxins.

When leaving, salon associate, Addie, told me it was imperative that I rehydrate and she couldn’t have been more right. I ran a few errands before getting back home to a full water bottle and felt absolutely exhausted until I chugged down some h2o.

Days later, I noticed my skin felt exceptionally softer than normal and even after enjoying a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls, I didn’t feel bloated.

So if you’re wanting to get rid of a bloated stomach or thighs before a special occasion with a sleek dress or just want to feel a little more slimmer, sweat out a pound of two of unnecessary toxins and water weight with a FIT Bodywrap!

The FIT Bodywrap is worth giving a whirl if you’re looking for both a physical and mental pause in your hectic world and want to naturally detoxify and rejuvenate. As a matter of fact, right now is the best time to do it!

When you go in for a FIT Bodywrap at full price, Bottoms Up will donate $25 to the education of cadets in the Public Safety Academy. Find out more here!


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